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The Travel Atomizer can be refilled from any standard perfume bottle with a spout diameter less than 3.5 mm. It holds 5 mL of perfume.

  1. Remove the spray cap from your perfume bottle.
  2. Keep the cap on the atomizer and place the valve (tiny hole) in the bottom of the atomizer onto the top of the spray valve, making sure to keep the atomizer in a straight line, and pump lightly several times to fill.
  3. Do not press on the valve after filling or it might leak a little.
  4. If atomizer does not fill, you are probably not using a standard perfume bottle. Make sure the spout diameter is less than 3.5 mm.
  5. Upon first use, you may need to pump the atomizer several times to remove air from the tube. After that, you should get a fine spray mist every time.